This makes me angry and sad

This is Rihanna. Isn’t she cute?

In the wake of Chris Brown’s performance and award win at the Grammy’s last night (which I will reserve comment on), there emerged a very disturbing trend on Twitter. Quite a few young women and girls have decided that it would be fun or cool or sexy to get beaten by Chris Brown. The following are some examples of tweets from young women who clearly need a dose of self esteem, STAT.

To all these young ladies, I’d like to remind you what that looks like.
Doesn’t look so cute anymore does she?

18 thoughts on “This makes me angry and sad

  1. Holy Shit.

    My wife was appalled at the mere fact that people were cheering his performance at the Grammies. The dude should be ashamed to show his face in public, not dance about and be applauded for it!

  2. I’m appalled that people think it was somehow okay to let this guy perform. What he did was absolutely criminal, and the tweets from those girls truly sicken me. Horrifying.

    1. I don’t think they were. This is why we have to make a stand, because if we make it okay, then teenage girls think it’s okay and then they’re getting beat to hell by their boyfriend and we all sit around and wonder why and how it could happen or how she could LET him do that to her.

  3. I’m saddened and sickened. Thanks so much to all you tweeters – you just set the feminist movement back a hundred years.

  4. I’m a hypocrite by trade. I still like a lot of celeb types who have done horrible things like beat women. (Burt Reynolds, James Brown, Michele Jackson, etc…)

    I never cut Chris Brown any slack, probably because I don’t care for that type of music… and Rihana is such a sweetheart, he’s scum to me.

    It’s hard to see women making those comments, even in jest. (Though many don’t seem 100% sarcastic)

    I don’t know how wide spread that sort of thing is, but it’s very sad and disappointing.

    There are a lot of women with some very serious daddy issues.

      1. Just to let you know, I took this to share with my Victimology class. Thank you for posting.

        1. Thank you for sharing. it’s important to get the word out that this kind of behavior is not okay… both violence against women and women saying things like the above… even as a joke.

  5. Saw this on twitter too – it’s just horrible – and to me demonstrates that women’s attutides DO play a role in the culture of domestic violence as well as those of men. And that any callous idiot can post on twitter :))

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