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Recently I was asked if I am a positive or a negative person. I replied, a little of both, as all humans are. Then I was asked but which are you more of the time? To which I had no reply. As a logical thinker, I decided to try an experiment. For 24 hours (okay, actually only about 16 hours, I do need my sleep) I decided to try not to say anything negative. It’s harder than it sounds. It means cleaning house on your vocabulary. Words like no, not, can’t, don’t, won’t, shouldn’t and but are verboten. Something as simple as I don’t like broccoli is a negative statement. I didn’t last very long. Less than an hour. What tripped me up? I felt it necessary to say, “I can’t stand these smug Christians who go around whining about how ‘persecuted’ they are” **Note to self, try this again when I am not in the throes of PMS.

In the interest of equal time, the following day, I spent the day trying not to say anything positive. This proved much easier. I lasted the better part of 6 hours before stating that I love Sheldon Cooper (yes I am a Big Bang Theory geek).

So I guess I skew more toward negativity. I do have positive leanings, but it would be ridiculous to be positive all of the time in the world we live in. You would have to be in serious denial… or at least on some really strong medication (or religious indoctrination).

This experiment in human nature was a fun for me. I challenge any of you who would like to know themselves a little better to try it.


9 thoughts on “Interesting experiment

  1. I think I have an underlined positivity, but can be seen to be outwardly negative via sarcasm and complaints, but If I only took my words into account then I think I’d be the same as you.

    Maybe I will try this tomorow..

  2. I tend to be positive thinking, for instance on the deluded Christians I would simply say, “I f’ing LOVE how these Christians think they’re being persecuted when they keep trying to shove their Jesus down my throat every time I turn around.” See, positive, oh, and er, maybe a tad sarcastic 🙂 Like the experiment though!

    Keep the good posts coming- you are on a roll lately!

    P.S. And don’t you just LOVE how obsessed with lady parts and who’s sleeping with who the Republican candidates are? I’m POSITIVE those good ol’ boys are not right in their heads.

  3. There were a few years when I tried my best to always be positive.

    Then I read, ‘Beyond Positive Thinking’ by Dr. Robert Anthony. He said that there is positive thinking, negative thinking, and right thinking.

    Through some of the other books I’ve read, I’ve noticed that I’m using my brain way to much. By that I mean, when I don’t need to be thinking, I don’t need my brain. I use it like a tool. If I need a hammer, I pick it up. When I don’t need it, I don’t walk around with it in my hand….I put it down, relax, and just be.

  4. I’d have to turn the interwebs off, or spend all day on a games site. Just seeing the name ‘Santorum’ would be enough to end the experiment.

    Interesting book on the downside of positive thinking, Bright-Sided by Barbara Ehrenreich.

  5. Very cool. I’ll have to try this out myself…might be interesting what I find out.

    Thanks — for this post, and for the bloggy comment on my site earlier.

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