Maybe the news should follow the news

On January 13, Reuters reported on a story about Sarah Ferguson and there being no possibility of her being extradited  to Turkey to face criminal charges there. Two days later, ABC news is reporting that the Duchess of York is afraid to travel because she may be extradited to Turkey.

Which story is correct? Somehow, I think it’s Reuters. Their story mentions only facts and quotes and not how the Duchess is “feeling”.

Now on to the story itself. I applaud Sarah Ferguson for exposing the horrible conditions in Turkish orphanages. I’m less impressed that she apologized to Turkey for the “embarrassment the documentary might have caused Turkey”. As far as I’m concerned, Turkey should be embarrassed, so much so, that they improve the way these orphans are being “cared for”.  As Turkey is bidding to enter the EU, they should be trying to improve all aspects of life in their country, not just the financial ones. Turkey has accused Sarah Ferguson of smearing their image. It’s not Sarah Ferguson smearing Turkey’s image… it’s Turkey.

5 thoughts on “Maybe the news should follow the news

  1. I can’t find much in the British press about her being warned not to travel. She does appear to have cancelled a trip to the US though.

    Nothing to add to your main point. Spot on!

  2. Thanks for telling it like it is! I agree, apology in this situation is unnecessary, except if being made by Turkey. Hopefully, good will come of the situation.

  3. Incidentally (and completely off-topic), have you noticed the utter crapness of block-quotes in this theme? Huge gert ugly things they are. Anyway, my point is that I can let you have a copy-paste code snippet to stick in the html, that brings 'em back to a more sensible size, if you want it.

  4. I have no interest in this person and what she has to say about anything.

    I don’t think people should apologise when others are offended by the truth of their statements. You lose credibility, if you ever had it.


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