Do you believe in magic?

Today is 11-11-11 and people seem to have lost all common sense. What do we expect is going to happen? Will all our dreams come true? Will the world end? Is it supposed to be lucky somehow? There are many people planning on making a wish and/or buying a lottery ticket at 11:11 (both am and pm) today.

The only people I can think of that 11-11-11 would be lucky for are dyslexic people.

What is this fascination we have with luck and magic? Is it just another way of not taking responsibility for ourselves? If you ask the richest among us how they got so rich, the answer is invariably a good idea and hard work. So why are we pinning our hopes on a numerical oddity? Do we really expect that if we wish hard enough today that the wish will magically come true? Have we really become so entitled that we expect all of our dreams to appear on a silver platter? Let’s talk about hard work for a moment. In this reality show culture we have created, it seems so easy to get rich and famous. What we don’t see is all the hard work it takes on behalf of the agents, managers, publicity teams, hairstylists, make up artists and stylists to take someone without any talent whatsoever and make them into a Kim Kardashian, or even a Snookie. Then it’s all the hard work  and grueling schedules that the “stars” themselves must keep up with in order to remain in the public eye. Let’s not forget the hard work of the paparazzi and the people who put together the entertainment shows and magazines that have to think of something interesting/controversial to say about  these no talents. For every “over night success” there is a team of very hard working people making it happen. There is no magic involved. The only luck is the luck you make for yourself.

I am also confused by the people who seem to be cheering for the world to end. Harold Camping and his ilk. These doomsday watchers seem to have a death wish. Is life so tough for them that they are hoping with every fiber of their being for the entire world and all life on it to cease. There are people who are projecting their financial future only as far as December 21, 2012 because they are SURE the world will end. December 21, 2012 is another one of those numerical anomalies 12-21-12. All of this craziness puts the wind up my skirt. After all, you could die tomorrow, or you could live to 110. Doesn’t it make more sense to plan for the latter and not be caught unprepared? I understand the need to have something to look forward to, but really, if the end of the world is what you’re excited about, maybe you should re-examine your priorities.

As for 11-11-11, I don’t paint by numbers and I don’t live my life by them either, but I will be buying a lottery ticket today, because it’s Friday and I always get my ticket on Friday and you can’t win if you don’t play. I will also continue to work hard and NOT plan my future with the assumption that I will handed anything on a silver platter. I realize I have to EARN a lot of money just to be able to afford the platter.

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