Explaining Gloria Steinem’s faux pas


Last night on Real Time with Bill Maher, Bill interviewed feminist icon Gloria Steinem. For a quick 6 minutes, it was not exactly in depth, but there were jokes like,at my age most people are dead, and Maher hitting on Steinem. It was cute. That is until the Internet lost its mind over what seemed to be an off the cuff remark Ms Steinem made about young female Sanders supporters going where the boys are.

At 81 years of age, Ms Steinem has seen 4 generations of women grow up. Even at the tender age of 50, I know that most women between the ages of 18 and 25 haven’t lived enough to be so sick of the patriarchy that they will vote in a qualified woman over a flavour of the month like Bernie Sanders. I can only imagine how Ms Steinem must see these young women publicly eschewing feminism as a form of rebellion and think what I think,  young and stupid but they’ll learn. As if to prove my point young female Sanders supporters are denouncing Ms Steinem en mass. Keep voting men into office and having your rights eroded ladies and you might find yourselves on the feminist bandwagon yet. It should be noted that the person you’re supporting has voted 5 times for the Hyde amendment before committing to repealing it AFTER criticism from Planned Parenthood during his campaign. Look up the Hyde amendment and prepare to change your vote if you value your reproductive rights. Don’t vote against personal interest. Inform yourselves before deciding the future of your country.

Most viewed photo tells much

Since posting a blog piece called misplaced pride, I am consistently surprised to see how many views a photo of a morbidly obese woman in a red dress is getting  literally EVERY DAY.  She almost always is the most viewed photo with at least 5 views daily.  I am getting search terms like extremely fat sexy woman also literally every day. More recently I posted a piece called does size matter?  In this there are a lot of gorgeous plus size models on display and not one of these gorgeous women get views. Apparently morbidly obese is the new sexy? Or is this just the latest fetish?

I find myself wondering what country is looking at this image the most. Is it a culture where food is hard to come by so,therfore obesity is afluent?  Or is it the USA where obesity is everywhere and therfore lusted after?  Or is the reason for her popularity simply because she is confident enough to believe she’s sexy?

I can’t help but kick myself for years of striving to stay thin if this is sought after.


This is not the aforementioned photo, just an example of the type of thing men are searching for.

The ‘home ‘ stretch

In just twenty two sleeps, I will finally be home. It feels weird. Six months is a long time to be away from your life.  And home is a place I have only seen once for about 5 minutes. I will be living with my husband for the first time and heavily relying on him. I am a ridiculously independent woman who finds it difficult to ask for help, relying physically on someone will be a tough adjustment. For my husband,  I imagine being relyed upon to such an extent will be,  at the least,  frustrating. I’ve always encouraged his time out with friends and this becomes even more important now, as does my time alone. I really did luck into the best relationship with the best guy, he’s already lined up friends to help if needed when he’s working, both of whom are acceptable to me. I can’t help but feel nervous,  though. It’s not easy going from this


to this


Is this a hospital or a church?

Boasting a prayer room and a chapel and filled with nurses spouting things like never give up,miracles happen, I can’t help but wonder. In the past week I’ve been the cause of several heartbroken faces. All because when faced with platitudes like, you’ll be walking in no time with God’s help, I feel I have to point out that I value reality over dreams. I know I won’t be walking around like most of you, maybe ever, maybe not for years. I also know that my left arm will never spring to life. My reality is and will continue to be different, and I’m okay with that. But everyone from housekeeping staff to my father want me to build my future based on hope. The only people who speak honestly with me are 3 nurses, my  mom and my physio therapist. I prefer to face my actual future prepared. So, when someone is telling me about God, miracles and prayer. I have to point out that not everyone finds comfort in those things, but thanks for the thought.

What I really want to say is if I prayed to god for a miracle instead of having my heart tumour surgically removed, I’d be dead now.


A hairy problem

Hospitals cause strange things to happen. In my case, hair growth and hair loss, simultaneously. Months ago, nurses shaved my body before heart surgery. Never had I shaved my upper thighs or belly both of which had a very fine blonde fuzz that couldn’t really be seen. Since being shaved ONCE, this is what they now look like  …



Not too bad.

Thighs :

Not too good.

Then there’s the hair loss, partly menopausal, partly adrenal caused by the stress of being here for 5, months. When I got here my hair was gorgeous, fairly thick and halfway down my back.  Now,



barely there.

A small issue, but annoying to be sure. I bought a nioxin product for the loss. I guess wax for the new black hairs elsewhere.

Might be a record

Last Thursday, my husband’s house went onto the market for sale. It’s a small house on a small lot in a sought after neighborhood. We had an amazing realtor who priced it well.  As I am to be released from hospital next month time was a factor. On Friday morning hubby saw a condo he liked. We had to sell the house because it’s not accessible for my wheelchair. On Saturday, the realtor held an open house. We had 40 plus people through the house in 3 days. Saturday afternoon we had 3 offers, 2 over asking price, one crappy. The highest offer had no conditions, by early evening, we sold the house. On  Sunday morning I was taken to see the condo in my manual wheelchair. I loved the place and fit into every room comfortably. We put an offer in for 20,000 dollars less than the asking price and yesterday the offer was accepted!

So, in the course of 5 days, we sold a house and bought a condo!  If I were superstitious, I might be stupid. enough to say someone was looking out for me, instead of crediting our talented realtor.


Meet the new atheist, same as the old atheist

This label of new atheist has been tossed around for a while now and I don’t understand it. Specifically, I don’t understand how there can be a new way of not believing in some magical deity . After all, that’s all atheism is,not believing in any god. I assume the ‘new’ part is referring to the fact that we seem more vocal, more angry, more willing to stand up for ourselves. It has always been that way, there are simply more of us now than ever before. We are less afraid of consequence now,and therefore more vocal. Social media gives us a platform we never had.

  • I think it’s hilarious that the Christians and other religions claim to be persecuted by atheists because we call them out on twitter, yet, that’s all we do to believers. Meanwhile around the world, atheists are being shunned, tortured and killed for their disbelief.


The ‘new ‘ atheist is no different than we ever were, just more of us being less afraid.