Not that I subscribe to magical thinking…

You have three magic genie wishes, what are you asking for?

But as you asked I would ask for my paralysis to be removed

I’d also ask for good enough health to keep me out of a hospital until my death

And finally, as I have everything else I need, I’d give my final wish to the genie in gratitude

I could try it 🤔

What’s something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail.

If you could GUARANTEE success, I would attempt to walk to my refrigerator, or perhaps even my toilet. Because I’m not stupid enough to take your GUARANTEE as fact and the fact that I’m permanently paralyzed down my left side. I’m sitting right here in my lift chair until I need to do those things, and then I’ll transfer to my power wheelchair.

This topic wasn’t fun for me.

This took far too long

List 30 things that make you happy.

Hubby and Boo
Going out with friends
Power wheelchair that folds like a lawn chair and fits in the trunk of the car
Hubby’s smile
The books of Christopher Moore
People who choose joy
Nostalgia and generosity
Graham in a box
Supportive parents like
Jimbo’s mom
People achieving unlikely dreams, like Naomi Smalls, became a model for Vogue
A great meal for my birthday
Trust from a wild animal
The comfort of my new lift chair
Graham waiting for breakfast
Women who have triumphed over adversity
British humor
Living in Canada 🇨🇦
Canadian humor
Space exploration and technology
The music of the Rolling Stones
Mick Jagger
The way Neal Degrasse Tyson explains things
Free Canadian Healthcare
The knowledge that my rights and freedoms won’t be taken from me
The ballet
The fact that I’m still here and healthy, aside from the permanent paralysis of course