“Demand for accessible homes in British Columbia

I’ve been thinking about buying some first-floor condos and renovating them to be wheelchair accessible rentals in my city for a while now. Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of money yet, but I will eventually, and I’ve been wanting to give something to the disabled community here on Vancouver Island. The problem of not enough accessible housing is real and ripe for the plucking for the right developer. Every month, people are released from the stroke recovery floor of the hospital, and many of them have no accessible place to go,which they will need for at least a shorter stay. It’s just good sense to make sure that they have an accessible apartment they can use as a stop gap until they are able to renovate their own homes or until they have been able to fully recover from their stroke. It would be easy to build a relationship with the hospitals stroke recovery unit and benefits both the patients and the rentals and the city.

Watch “Small-scale possession of illicit drugs will be decriminalized in B.C. starting next year” on YouTube

British Columbia is the province in which I live and the largest city here is Vancouver which has a real problem with opioid overdoses. Decriminalization is a good step in the right direction. After yesterday’s announcement from Justin Trudeau regarding the handgun ban, this news feels right. If you can’t carry a gun at least you can get really high. I’d rather someone be able to the edge off than be all edgy behind a gun.