Watch “Wheelchair Accessible House Ideas” on YouTube

The video below gives some great ideas for renovating your home for easier use as a wheelchair user. I really enjoy watching how other wheelchair users make their space work for them. For me, it’s been a long process, and I’m still trying to figure out some things.

And can I just say it’s bloody expensive? Because it is! Between spending a couple grand on a manual wheelchair and then having to also shell out several thousand more for a power wheelchair, if your disability requires one, you’ll spend nearly 10 grand before even addressing your home. For me, getting a bath lift was a necessity, and it cost me 1800 bucks . Then there are several grab bars that run just under $200 each with installation, and because we have 2 bathrooms ,I needed 3 in each room. And then I needed something to use that would make getting into bed easier, so another $180 for a saskapole, which is a floor to ceiling metal pole with handles that I can pull myself up with and then lean onto the bed. It’s also necessary for me to get out of bed so at least it has 2 things it helps me do.

And then there is the lift chair, which ran us $3500 for the living room, because I can’t stand from a regular recliner ,I require one that will lift me into a position that I can more easily stand to transfer into my wheelchair ♿️

And I’m lucky to have an able bodied husband to help me . However, because I receive no financial help from my government ,it was all out of pocket for us. At the time, it wasn’t easy to fork out the cash. Thankfully, that situation has changed for the better, and I have everything I need,and even a couple of things I didn’t need, but wanted.

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