Covid update

Update on the covid situation in the house. The hubby’s has tested negative for covid for several days, while I still don’t feel like I’m over all of the symptoms yet, I’m still blowing my nose frequently and my fever came back, I tested negative for the first time today. So I guess the low grade fever and the stuffy nose and the thick phlegm that I cough up is symptomatic of something else or the test didn’t work. Right now, my biggest fear is long covid, because it’s a possibility, though not a probability (I hope). I’m really not a hypochondriac, I swear! Just a likely overinformed person with nothing but time on my hands and an addiction to researching things on my tablet.

The really good news is that I must have a fairly strong immune system, because my covid symptoms were only a little worse than hubby’s . Either that or his immune system is lacking due to his smoking.


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  1. It may be that you are still positive. I have seen others test negative while still symptomatic and later find in a follow-up test that they are positive. hugs

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