My night with drag queens!

A couple of posts ago, I announced that I would be attendingthe Werq the world tour of RuPaul’s Drag Race and in this post there’s proof that I went AND had a terrific time. First up was the meet and greet, which was a little disappointing as it started 30 minutes late, which meant that we were able to get one group photo and that was all.

My photo with the queens, from left to right, Naomi Smalls, Lady Camden, Jada Essence Hall, Miss Vangie,and Jorgeous

The queens were nice enough and all very beautifully made up. However the cast was different from the announced cast online, which meant the queens I was looking most forward to weren’t there, but I was thrilled when immediately after the photo was taken, I heard a very deep, almost Barry White deep voice say enjoy the show and when I turned my chair to see who it came from, it was the stunning Naomi Smalls who I LOVE ❤️ 😍 💖 and I told her so! I only hope Lady Camden wasn’t too disappointed because I said I love while I was facing her and then pointing at Naomi said, YOU!

And then it was time for the show! There were 2 queens that were not in the meet and greet photo, but were in the show… Kim Chi and Rose`

Kim Chi is suspended in mid air!?
Ann Margaret look alike, Rose`
The definition of the word petite, Jorgeous

From left to right, Naomi Smalls, Jorgeous, and Miss Vangie

Rebecca’s photo

We had such a great time at the show and picked up some very cool swag. I got a beautiful fan with images of all of our cast on it and a stunning hard cover coffee table book with amazing photographs of all of the queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race that have done the werq the world tour. I bought Rebecca the t-shirt of her choosing,as this was her birthday present and she chose a Kim Chi shirt. I’m very proud to report that I hold the title of best birthday present giver ever which was totally my goal!

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