Who says cats hate water?

I admit this story is unusual, but not rare. I used to have a beautiful cat named taboo who loved to bathe with me. I’m a tub gal and imagine my surprise when Taboo jumped onto the side of the tub and then stepped onto the dry spot on my tummy and laid down, then dipped his tail into the water and then one of his front paws! He did this EVERY TIME I had a bath. Currently, our Tortoise shell cat,Boo stands just outside the shower door when her chosen person/slave, my husband is in there and pushes her face against the bottom and gets her little tongue in there to lap up some life giving H2O. We both think she’d happily join him ,but hubby is afraid he might step on her.

So next time you hear some moron tell you that ALL CATS HATE WATER, just point them to this post.

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