Watch “Service dog saves owner 15 times a day | Wholesome video” on YouTube

I’ve been subscribed to this YouTube channel for about a year now, which is quite a bit longer than I usually stay subscribed to any YouTube channel. It’s a channel out of Niagara Ontario, Canada and it’s both the sweetest and the cheekiest content you will never know how much you needed. Our host is a very talented pet groomer and she is brutally honest about her work and the different breeds of dog, which is what makes her channel so addictive. And for you cat lovers out there, our host doesn’t discriminate. In this video she cemented my subscription for as long as the channel exists. See if you can guess why.

Full disclosure, I have not donated to anything on this site, but I plan to do so, soon. This video is part of the reason why I will. The next video is the rest of the reason.

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