Mass shooting

Today is December 6th. In Canada, the day is the anniversary of what is known as the Montreal Massacre, a 26 year old mass shooting of 14 college women by a man who claimed a hatred of feminists. To Americans marking the anniversary of  the same mass shooting 26 years later unless you’re a family member  may seem crazy, but here in Canada these types of incidents actually cause change. The change in this case was more stringent gun laws as well as tactical change in the ways law enforcement responds to shooting incidents.

Canada has had 3 mass shootings between the year 2000 and 2014,while the U.S  has had 133 and, according to shooting tracker’so website,  353 in 2015 alone. I find this information to be horrific. If only because no laws have changed.

Even the language is markedly different. In Canada, we aren’t afraid to say the word massacre, which sounds much bloodier and more violent than mass shooting, which could be a lot of folks out for target practice. I am not sure why they seem so determined to make these incidents sound as pretty as possible south of the border, unless it’s to encourage the behavior. Judging from the numbers above, it seems to have worked.

Canada’s population is one tenth that of our neighbors to the south, so perhaps we are more likely to value human life as it’s not so prevalent here. It’s amazing what a little border means when it comes to the way, people think.

This past year I have been sickened by the number of “prayers”online in response to all of the slain Americans. Why pray when you have the power to stop it?


Nanny-gate the boring Canadian edition

All the outrage, none of the sex.

Ah, the media has created another non-scandal. this wouldn’t even be conversation if our new PM  hadn’t made a point of saying that the child care benefit should not go to rich families like his own or Harper’s. He was correct in saying this. And Trudeau’s nannies are  not being paid via a child care benefit. His nannies are being paid (barely above minimum wage for night shift) like every other PM’s personal expenses were, by the government. To make this outrage even less necessary, while Trudeau wil get $3600 through the current child care benefit, he has announced that it will be donated to a charitable orginization.

Would you take this drug?

I have been waiting to go to neuro rehab for 2 months.  At first I couldn’t go because I had precautions placed on my sternum as it was still healing from being cut open during open heart surgery. Then I couldn’t go because I was physically unable to fulfill the requirements of the facility. Now I can’t go because I am refusing to take a drug that will do me more harm than good.

Today I talked with the doctor whose decision it is to accept me into rehab. He told me he wants me to do a 2 week trial in rehab. It’s at this point that I should offer some medical info. I have rotator cuff tendinitis in my left shoulder that was exacerbated by the stroke, making use of my upper body iffy at best. Because of this I have mild  swelling of my left wrist and hand. The doctor wants me to take prednisone,  a steroid to take down the swelling. As soon as I heard steroid, I got worried. I have only had one experience with steroids. I recently received a cortisone shot in my left shoulder that left me in more pain than before the shot. So I did some research on oral prednisone. It has a very long list of side effects including irregular heart beat, severe dizziness, cataracts, glaucoma, lowered immunity, seizures, trouble breathing among many others. One of the drugs it reacts negatively with is a blood thinner, which I am currently on.  As a recovering cardiac patient anything that can effect the heart is a big no and as a stroke patient the scariest side effect is a loss of reality. Apparently I am expected to risk all of this over a little swelling that ibuprofen would likely cure, if the hospital used ibuprofen.

Needless to say I refuse to take prednisone. The response was an implication that I would not be welcome in rehab, aka the last part of treatment.

So I guess we are at an impasse. At this point I don’t know what to do. If I lived in America at least I could sue, but not here in Canada.  Continue reading “Would you take this drug?”