I got some bad news today

This past Friday night my husband had a bad chill and was fatigued, but by Sunday night night the chill was gone and his energy levels were better. Unfortunately, for me, by Sunday night I had chills and a fever and slept most of today away, so hubby broke open the covid tests and within a half hour we had the results. Hubby has covid and… so do I. If you’ve been with me for awhile, then you understand what is terrifying me about the news, even though I’m fully vaccinated.

I AM IMMUNOCOMPROMISED. When I had my stroke 7 plus years ago, it did a number on my throat (wasn’t allowed to swallow, even my own spit, for a month with af eeding tube down my throat) and my lungs (a couple of months with chest tubes draining the water and orange juice that the good Samaritans had given me, because everything I swallowed ended up in my lungs.. several years later just after covid19 was a thing and I was about to get my first vaccine, my neurologist wrote a letter to warn my Healthcare providers. The one sentence he wrote that I can’t get out of my head is. She is IMMUNOCOMPROMISED. As we should know by now, a large percentage of the people who have died from this virus, had an underlying issue.

While this news is absolutely not good news for me, it’s not as terrifying as it could be, if only because I’ve already lived 7 years and and 2 months of borrowed time (because the stroke should have killed me) and have lived through a horrible diagnosis of metastatic myxoma of the cerebellum, that I thought every day for a year was going to kill me, until the same neurologist explained that death was still fairly far off. The experience of that year was helpful because I was able to make my peace with my death, even finding the doctor who would help when the time comes.

I’ve been VERY CAREFUL about the pandemic and this is my first time with covid. I’m trying not to overreact, but I’m scared. 57 is definitely too young to die, but I’ve lived a life and no matter what this virus brings, I’m alright with it. Still crossing my fingers that it’s not the worst that could happen, but these last 7 years and 2 months have been some of the happiest of my life and if it has to end, at least I had that.

6 thoughts on “I got some bad news today

  1. I can’t imagine how scary this must be for you.
    I guess all you can do is try to remain positive and ride it out.
    My thoughts are with you.

    1. I’m drinking a lot of water and taking vitamin c. And eating healthy soup. I’m fully vaccinated so I guess it’s time to put up or shut up, guys who came up with the vaccine

  2. Sorry to hear Wind. Fully vaccinated and boosted to boot here with hubby and we’re still avoiding it so far. I’ve never had a doctor say I’m immunocompromised but I treat myself as though I am having had a history of 8 pneumonia’s and now with age some heart disease along with an autonomic nervous system disorder. I’m 66 and more than ever I’d have to say I find myself at peace (probably due to 20+ years of therapy). I hope you and yours weather this virus safely. Gentle hugs.

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