Birthdays and doctors and death, oh my

This month is celebratory. It includes 5 birthdays, starting with my country’s 15 1st. Then it’s my hubby’s 52nd on the 7th , my 53rd on the 16th, my mom’s 76th on the 23rd and finally Mick Jagger has his 75th on the 26th. I’ve been raising a glass to his birthday since I was old enough to drink.

Canada day fireworks

This month is scary. It includes 3 new doctor appointments , all of which are consultations. So get to listen to what they would like to put me through. First up, on the 10th is a neuro surgeon, not the one who said that I didn’t need surgery, a new one who likely has something he’d like to throw against the wall and see if it sticks. Then, on the 20th even though I don’t have brain cancer, a neuro oncologist and a medical oncologist,who have their own opinions on how to rid my brain of the at least 3 myxomatous aneurysms that are currently growing, slowly in it. I’m sure to have lots to think about and decisions to be made.

This month is sad. On the 11th, I see my family doctor to have the end of life discussion. It’s not too early and that’s the sad part. Maybe, Sir Micks birthday will cheer me up.

2 responses to “Birthdays and doctors and death, oh my

  1. I was going to click like but changed my mind.
    It seems almost fatuous to say cheer up or something similar so I won’t as I suspect you’ve heard enough of that too.

    As your blog is the best way to get your story out there and to put down in words – the good, bad and the ugly, seems about the right phrase – then whatever transpires I’ll promise to keep reading.

    It doesn’t mean a whole helluva lot but at least you know someone is rooting for you, and I know John’ll be along as well.

    On a cheerier Stones note …

    I have a cousin named Damian who is a Luthier in England who recently got to see the Stones at Twickenham rugby ground for the very first time.
    He wrote on his Facebook page it was an awesome gig.

    I am fortunate to have seen them twice: First tiem when I was 13, at Manchester and then again down here in South Africa on their Voodoo Lounge Tour.
    For that one I took my kids!
    Was a blast.

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