Let’s Make A DEAL

Canada we have an opportunity on Monday, February 13th prime minister Justin Trudeau will be  un  welcomed by Donald Trump at the white house. Trudeau will have the so called presidents undivided attention as long as the meeting takes place early in the day,when he’s focused. We need to appeal to the famous business man ,the deal maker.

 We need to tempt his vanity by assuring he would go down in history as doing the  biggest deal EVER.Appeal to his greed MOST MONEY MADE ON ONE SALE EVER.MOST MONEY MADE IN ONE SALE EVER. Sell the United States of America to Canada and a few other countries for 2 trillion dollars you can say that you were a trillionaire 2 times over before Bill Gates crossed the trillion mark. How do we get the money?  In this global climate think about who you want to live next door to.  I have a list;

Sweden, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland Japan, France ,Iceland, Slovenia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Australia, the UK. All countries that hold spots in the top 11 for human rights if we all pitch in we should be able to make it happen or at least several installments big enough to turn his head. We will happily run your country for you and life WILL BE MUCH BETTER. 

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