I could try it 🤔

What’s something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail.

If you could GUARANTEE success, I would attempt to walk to my refrigerator, or perhaps even my toilet. Because I’m not stupid enough to take your GUARANTEE as fact and the fact that I’m permanently paralyzed down my left side. I’m sitting right here in my lift chair until I need to do those things, and then I’ll transfer to my power wheelchair.

This topic wasn’t fun for me.

3 thoughts on “I could try it 🤔

  1. Is there truly anything in life that carries a guarantee of non failure?

    Haven’t been around for a while.
    How are you doing?

    I see the Stones have a new single and a new album coming out soon.
    I wonder if they’ll tour?

    1. Loving the new single! The video is fantastic! Have yet to hear the whole album, but I’m sure I’ll love it too. A tour would be awesome, but I doubt that if they tour, they won’t come close enough to my town to go. How are you doing? And have you heard all of hackney diamonds yet?

      1. Like you, only heard the single ( and seen the video)
        I would love it if they came down south to Jo’burg again, but I won’t get my hopes up.
        Otherwise, things are ticking along.
        Business is steady.
        Trying to turn my garden into a ‘food forest’. I almost have palpitations when I go to buy groceries! Prices going through the roof.
        And home grown tastes so much better.
        Haven’t bought a lettuce all year. Such a feeling to pop into the garden and crop a few leaves for a salad.
        Harvested a few onions and some garlic this afternoon. The smell! Amazing!
        You can Google all about food forests if you don’t know what they are.
        We’ve also acquired two more cats from our neighbour who sadly passed away last year. That makes 12!
        If someone had said when you get older you will live in a ‘cathouse’ this would not have been what I would have imagined! 😉

        That’s about it really.
        Life goes on as they say. A little older, a little greyer.

        Take care.

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