I’m a cancer ♋️ ,I grow on you

It’s smack dab in the middle of my birth month! As a matter of fact,it’s officially the day before my birthday, or as we call it Birthday Eve. Hubby had his birthday 8 days ago, and Mom has hers just 7 days later , so July is a big month for celebration around here, beginning on July 1st for Canada day 🇨🇦, and ending a tad early on the 26th for my yearly toast to Mick Jagger for his big day.

So it was very unfortunate and unwelcome to have had the back go out and even more unfortunate that it caused problems with my bowel. My back was so bad that I was unable to have a movement for 2 weeks and I finally called an ambulance to take me to emergency where I was promptly given an enema and a lecture about never waiting for more than 4 days to 💩. Not a fun or celebratory event, by any means, but it was a relief. When my back finally felt better, I realized that it wasn’t just the bowel that took a hit, so I’ve finished my first day of antibiotics for a UTI.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I hope 58 brings better health for longer and some travel, even if it’s local travel, and some gawddamn fun! Because I deserve it 😌

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  1. Really like your blog. I hope you like it too and follow mine. Min thanks. A warm greeting from the south of Spain 💯👋 🫂

    1. Thank you for subscribing. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Spanish ,just English, French, and German, so I can’t really read your posts,but I like your topics from the images 😀

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