Might be a record

Last Thursday, my husband’s house went onto the market for sale. It’s a small house on a small lot in a sought after neighborhood. We had an amazing realtor who priced it well.  As I am to be released from hospital next month time was a factor. On Friday morning hubby saw a condo he liked. We had to sell the house because it’s not accessible for my wheelchair. On Saturday, the realtor held an open house. We had 40 plus people through the house in 3 days. Saturday afternoon we had 3 offers, 2 over asking price, one crappy. The highest offer had no conditions, by early evening, we sold the house. On  Sunday morning I was taken to see the condo in my manual wheelchair. I loved the place and fit into every room comfortably. We put an offer in for 20,000 dollars less than the asking price and yesterday the offer was accepted!

So, in the course of 5 days, we sold a house and bought a condo!  If I were superstitious, I might be stupid. enough to say someone was looking out for me, instead of crediting our talented realtor.


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