This woman’s right to vote


I was really looking forward to voting in this year’s federal election on Monday. I t would be first time in over 20 years, as I had been living ou of country since 1992. I did my research, informed myself on the candidates and their plans for the country and came to, what I thought was the best decision. Then,I get put into hospital, but in Canada, elections Canada ae supposed to come to you early and take your vote, just like they do for inmates in prison. Because in Canada, we ALL have the right to vote.

Apparently this is not quite so. Elections Canada came to the hospital several days ago and were on my floor (neurological care) Mine was not the only room they skipped. I called them yesterday to find out why. A half assed apology was mumbled along with a promise that they would send someone in the afternoon. They didn’t. I can’t help but wonder if it’s because I am on the neurology floor among some very confused people, so they just didn’t bother. Or, perhaps they were just lazy.

Long hospital stays are frustrating, between nurses not listening, your wishes not being honoured ( I will not take sleeping pills. I found out that one nurse had been giving them to me behind my back), having no privacy and now having one of my fundamental rights taken away for no good reason, you can see why it might be harder to smile.

I’ll finish this up by wishing Elizabeth May and the green party the best of luck in pulling a historical upset and beating the big boys. I’m only sorry that my vote was never taken in to be counted.

Better than Botox

I recently found an anti- aging treatment and weight loss spa that really works… and it’s free!

Before you all go rushing off to join up, there is a catch. First you must have a stroke, followed by a long hospital stay with a feeding tube for a month, then a  gross pureed diet for a few more weeks and an even more disgusting minced diet to cap it all off. If you can’t lose weight on hospital food, you’re just not trying.

I hear you saying, that seems like a lot of time and effort, what are the results? The paralysis from the stroke erases lines from your face making you look like a teenager with a bit of a gimpy mouth.

Here is my 50-year-old face after…


Plus I have lost approximately 25 pounds so far!

Every storm cloud may have a silver lining, but do NOT try this at home!

Logic vs, nonsense

most illogical

I just finished watching a very interesting conversation between Neil deGrasse Tyson and Richard Dawkins on youtube. Early on, Tyson makes the point that humans aren’t wired to think logically, citing the example that the school subject that most of us have trouble with is math. I see myself as a very logical person. Then I began dissecting that belief. Apparently my illogical brain is not only there, but dangerous.

I am a sucker for a cat, from tiny kittens to big wild cats. Emotionally, I become a 2-year-old wanting to pet the kitty. The best example of this occurred several years back. There was a fully grown wild cougar wandering around the cul-de sac at the end of my street and 99% of me wanted to get some meat and go feed the poor kitty. It was an almost impossible urge to fight.I can’t tell you how hard the remaining 1 % had to work to keep me indoors.

Then again, when it comes to the problems of others, I am all logic, immediately able to cut through the bullshit and find the best solution.

I was never adept at math.The sciences interested me, but math kept me out, so I became more of a wordsmith. Although as I always strive to communicate logically, I do fail more often than i’d like.

It was an interesting exercise, looking honestly at just how often nonsense wins over logic in my life, if a wee bit scary. I encourage you to give it a try.

How two blonde sex symbols spawned Olivia Benson.


Mariska Hargitay as Olivia Benson

For this story of irony and ever changing times we need to travel way back in time to 1893. Before the invention of television and feminism when a prolific entertainer was born. Mary Jane West (aka Mae) came into the world on August 17th of that year embarking on a journey that would change the face of American entertainment for 70 plus years. Mae West was multi-talented as a writer, producer, director, actress and perhaps the first self-made sex symbols of her time.


Mae West

Ms. West famously gave actors Cary Grant and Arnold Schwarzenegger their starts, and not so famously gave a blonde beauty named Jayne a very important introduction to her future husband, Mickey


Jayne Mansfield

In 1956, Mae had a show in th Latin Quarter of New York in which she surrounded herself with body builders, one of whom was Mickey Hargitay. One night Jayne Mansfield was in the audience when her waiter asked what she would like, taking a page from Mae West, she responded, ‘a steak and the tall man on the left.’


Jayne and Mickey

A year later, they were married. In 1964, along came Mariska, unfortunately, later the same year, her parents divorced. Only 3 years later, Mariska and her 2 brothers were asleep in the back seat of the now infamous car in which her mother died.

Raised by her father, Mariska’s life went a little differently than her mother’s. She began her career as a beauty queen, competing in 2 pageants before joining the Groundling theatre to begin her acting career. Likely because of her mother Mariska never really went after the sexy girl roles, instead, after quite a few small parts, landing the role of Olivia Benson on Law and Order SVU through which she founded Joyful Heart Foundation where she helps survivors of domestic abuse, child abuse and sexual abuse. Somehow, I think her mother would have been proud.

How Castro helped a porn star

I found this story fascinating.One of my favourite disco songs is More More More by the Andrea True Connection. I heard it on a commercial today and decided to do a bit of research. It turns out that Ms. True was a porn star in New York in the 1970s, as well as a singer of commercial jingles. in 1975, she was in Jamaica doing a commercial when she found out that th U.S had sanctioned Jamaica making it illegal for anyone to leve the country with money earned there because their new president , Michael Manley supported Fidel Castro. Ms. True decided to find a loophole. She had written the lyrics to a song about her time in porn. All she needed was music and a recording studio. So she called her friend Gregg Diamond to travel to Jamaica to collaborate. Together they wrote More, More, More. She took the money from her ad and financed a demo in Jamaica, then took the demo tho the U.S.where it was released and the rest is history.

The song remains in the public ear 40 years later still earning residual money for Ms True’s estate. I believe this makes Andrea True the first porn star to garner entertainment success with her clothes on. This also makes her a great business woman.

How It Happened

This is going to be hopefully a post that may help a few people. You constantly about heart disease and it’s symptoms, but never about heart tumours. That’s because they’re rare, but they do happen. The type of tumour I had,an atrial myxoma is the only tumour that grows on the heart. It’s slow-growing and has no symptoms until it’s almost too late. My heart surgeon said it could have been growing for up to 20 years. There was no chest pain,only shortness of breath which began about 6 weeks before entry into the hospital on July 5th my city was covered in smoke from nearby wildfires. I was having trouble breathing, but passed it off as the smoke. my breathing improved a little after the smoke cleared, but it still worried me. it became an issue about 3 weeks later when I couldn’t walk a block without having to stop to catch my breath. Finally ,I took a cab to the walk in clinic to get checked for walking pneumonia.the doctor listened to my heart and lungs and agreed with my thoughts,prescribed antibiotics and an inhaler. I went next door to the pharmacy, filled the script, then left. It took only 6 steps, 3 in a straight line, 3 pulling to my left before I fell. Apparently  piece of the tumour broke away and caused a stroke. I was lucky to be helped right away. An ambulance was there quickly and I was in hospital ad in an MRi where they found the tumour. There was no real way of knowing it was there before the MRI. So I guess the advice here is, if feeling chronically short of breath, make your doctor check your heart, it might save your life.

I don’t believe it

IMG_20150817_102956I was truly horrified to receive the following message in response to my different strokes post. the lack of respect for who i am was uncalled for. They wrote, it must be hard knowing when it was just you and god, you prayed.

People like this ar constantly accusing atheists of death-bed conversions. Remember the idiots after Christopher Hitchens died?

This post is for those people and it will be brutally honest.

The night before open heart surgery was the most afraid I have ever been. There were moments of tremendous lonliness.That night my fiance  (also an atheist) slept in my room all night. it was a comfort to hear the snoring. My mind was racing.What if I don’t wake up was the question that kept coming back. The answer inevitably was, then it will have been peaceful.

Never did I even think about wasting one second by silently calling out for an imaginary friend. i had an actual friend there if I needed.

So, on this blasphemy/sacrilege Sunday, I will state unequivocably that I am still an atheist, not a foxhole or a deathbed atheist, just a person who doesn’t believe crap made up to keep the poor from killing the rich. I will never follow without questioning. and I will never be so stupid as to buy into a story where a virgin gives birth.(that’s her story and she really stuck to it)