TB or not TB

In yesterday’s post I spoke about Justin Trudeau keeping true to his word. Today I will speak about one of those promises and the problem with imposing a time line. As someone who has been hospitalized for 3 months, I have had access to a lot of doctors.  The doctors I have spoken with on the issue have all worked overseas at some point in their careers and have knowledge of rates of tuberculosis infection that are not being shared with the public and are very worriedabout rushing the intgration. Trudeau has mentioned using military bases to house the refugees for as long as a few weeks, which on the surface sounds good until you find out that it takes up 6 months to treat TB, which as many as 90% of refugees from Syria currently have.

Now, I am not suggesting that Canada refuses to take in these people, just that we slow down the rush to integrate them into society until they are medically cleared.

I would assume that Trudeau has much better access than I in regards to this information, so I wonder why the hurry. In the interest of keeping everyone safe, why not take the time required?


And he has promises to keep


Campaign promises are so rarely kept they have become a bit of a joke. For instance, Obama campaigned both times on promises of closing Gitmo, which is still open only a year shy of his 2nd term ending. Canada has had its fair share of broken promises as well. But this is a new administration with a great deal of determination to prove it means business.  Our new, young rock star, heart throb  (as the media calls him) PM, Justin Trudeau has been in office for less than a month and he has started the ball rolling on bringing in 25000 Syrian refugees, as promised, legalizing Marijuana, as promised, recalling Canadian fighter jets, as promised and is making headway with respect to climate change, as promised.  Whether or not you agree with his agenda, you must admit he is a man of his word.

I am currently halfway through reading Trudeau’s book,  Common Ground, released over a year before his campaign began. . Trudeau ( and ghostwriter? ) beautifully present his platform via his own life story. You can’t accuse Trudeau of inconsistencies.  During his campaign, Trudeau called out the Harper government for being less than transparent, something Trudeau is proudly flaunting and that’s something Canada can be proud of.

It turns out Trudeau’s campaign slogan, ‘Real change now ‘ actually meant something .

This means war.

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I  hear way too much about red cups from Starbuck’s and how this means they are anti christmas, but you don’t have to look too far to find that the company is giving areal gift to some of its employees.. Starbucks is providing 100% tuition free college to employees who are veterans or family members of veins. The gift that keeps on giving. So who is really waging war here, Starbuck’s or the christians?

Readin’, Writin’ and Rithmetic

Two weeks from tomorrow, I will have been hospitalized for three months. Sounds like a long time doesn’t it? Unless,o course that’s the halfway point. I have been informed that it will be at least another to months after that until going home enters the conversation. My heart is doing well, unfortunately getting past the paralysis of my left side is much slower going. I still can’t stand, let alone walk. I’m working to get my left leg back every day. So far, I’ve done pretty well, gaining access to my left butt cheek, inner thigh, quads, ankle, toes and most recently, outr thigh. While access is great strengthening is much harder and requires help. I am only scheduled for physio therapy for 30 minutes 5 days a week, so it is coming along slowly. Much more physio will be added soon, to which, I am looking forward.

Time moves very slowly in hospital and there are few things about which I get excited. Tomorrow holds promise, though. My favourite author, Christopher Moore’s two newest books are coming. I have missed reading and this is just the thing  to put a big grin on my face. It’s tough to get inspired to write much when you’re bored, so I am hoping the books will inspire yet more blogging. In the mean time, I will continue to count each minute as it ticks by in an agonizingly slow fashion.

In my past life

The folowing is the first in a series of anecdotes from my past.



 So there I am, a 26 year old stripper, new to Los Angeles, in Trader Vic’s restaurant, on a date with Hollywood icon Tony Curtis.


As a huge fan of classic films, I am enraptured by the story Tony is in the middle of telling me, when he notices his buddy George enter the room. The huge silver bowl of lychee nuts we ordered for dessert had just arrived when Tony suggests that we go and say hello to George. Now I had been out with Tony often enough to know that, in Hollywood, the dinner table protocol is the least famous goes to the table of the more famous person. As we start over, I am mentally going through all the famous Georges I can, never landing on one more famous than Tony Curtis. We get closer to a table where two quite elderly men are seated and I am placed between Tony and George and offered a drink. A while into their conversation, I notice George looking at my chest, then he leans across me and tells Tony, in a stage whisper, ‘you lucky bastard, looks like you nabbed the last real pair in Hollywood.’ After the laughter died down, I spoke for the first time and asked George if he was jealous, to which he smiled and nodded sheepishly. So I gently put my hand on the back of his head and pulled his face into my bosom and asked, better now? When I looked down, there was George Burns with the biggest shit eating grin i’d ever seen.


It’s my birthday!

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My blog turned 4 today! A lot has happened since 2011. I’ve written on a variety of topics, moved across country, taken a long hiatus, almost died and gotten engaged. On this occasion, I want to take the opportunity to thank all of you who follow me as well as those who read me occasionally, or just once. I never thought anyone would be interested.

Today is your celebration, so grab a slice of cake, guilt free and party.

Bad atheist?

My fellow non-believers, do you sometimesfind yourself using phrases like, for gods sake, or oh my god? I do, in fact, I just hd a conversation in which I said, bless their hearts, oh my god and for Christs sake and now I find myself trying desperately to come up secular replacement phrases cause I feel dirty giving even a tiny bit of credence to the idea of a deity. Do any of you ever feel this way? Does this make me a bad atheist? Or is hs just indicative of how much god/religion have seeped into everyday language?

I will leave you with a giggle. Why do atheists say ,oh my god? Because that’s what you say when something is unbelievable.